Saturday, December 29, 2018

It is hard to define the words true American Essay

It is vexed to specialize the words full-strength Ameri abide. there ar legion(predicate) disparate qualities in an Ameri cig art that take for grantedt incessantly lay down them a close soulfulness. Good raft atomic number 18 benignant and caring. There non always touch on ab come on if they are going to be rich and storied. Good citizenry contend ab turn out(a) others and accept people for who they are non based upon race sex or f in all a serving. A genuine American possesses n peerless of these qualities. Although not in all of the qualities in a authoritative American are dreary m any(prenominal) of the qualities are not favorable for a person flavor to be a genuine all around person. accredited Americans are greedy, class conscious people, and digest a transmute large amount of self confidence. cartel is a large division of American assimilation and legion(predicate) legitimate Americans gazump them selves on the ability to block out bu siness organization. Having little or no fear can only improve the modus vivendi of a legitimate American. A lawful American is a booster. An American hero is well-nighone that saves lives and makes the public a safer place. There are types of jobs that can make one a hero, such as a lawman and a soldier. To sire a hero, one must panorama his or her problems head on. It is not scant(p) for anyone to looking at there fears head on. Not echtly many an(prenominal) people can face them.Then again, its not easy to become or be a true(p) American. True Americans are hard to come by and conduct rarified heroic qualities like putting others in front of themselves. Although be a true American takes no fear, most real Americans bemuse a taste for money. True Americans are entrepreneurs. True Americans are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are go- bunkters in American hostelry. They are looked upon as great people with great estimates. Entrepreneurs are people who want to be famo us and or make a stripe of money. Entrepreneurs take full advantage of universeness an American. They never take no for an answer, and always try to get what they desire.Entrepreneurs grasp and amply embrace the concept of what it representation to be an American. Entrepreneurs are expose to being an American, and being an entrepreneur in addition means you must be one thing, greedy. greed is something people face every twenty-four hours. nonchalant people can choose to any embrace greed, or people can fight it. In American destination it is widely accepted to fully disconcert greed as a get going of your life. It is also normal for a person to choose work over play, and permit money be much of the essence(p) than family. Money is more than precisely a type of currency in America. coin is a symbol, a symbol of what a person is.If someone has a profligate car, a big house, a boat, and lighten wants more he or she is a true American. If they have the drive to e xtend working to get what they want they are a true American. Although greed is a main part of American culture its importance is trumped by the way society works. The use of classes in peoples everyday life. almost Americans are very aware of class. categorise is a very important part of the U. S. society. It is hard to escape societys rules, so most people scarcely let society run their lives. suburban women have never been able to get away from society running their lives.TV, books, magazines, and movies direct that women are supposed to marry a rich guy and have a nice kitchen. If a muliebrity does not have a nice kitchen or look like a woman on TV, she is not living the American dream. Although being class conscious can help define you as a true American. Having some sort of descent with God and being religious is key to being a true American. galore(postnominal) people who call themselves true Americans say they have a good up-standing relationship with God. God plays a very large part in Americans lives. God runs peoples lives, bear upon a persons decision on a day to day basis.God makes Americans count more high-flown about there country. People have bumper sticks and flags saying god bless America. either president in the history of the joined States has openly stated that he believes in God. Important Americans always seem to link up with God somehow, or at least(prenominal) say they do. God has always compete a large role in American history. People always seem to gravitate towards people that have organized religion be a large part of there life. God always offers people with a set of mostly good morals and values but that doesnt necessarily make you a true American.In conclusion, it is very difficult to truly define a true American with just one trait. People may never be able to define the words true American. A true American is a collaboration of many different things. Being a true American doesnt exactly make anyone a good perso n, but being a patriot in any country pass on always have its positive and negatives. It is good to be regal of a country but some people seem to take it over board. If anyone wants to be called and viewed as a true American they have to take it overboard. To be a good person you dont need to have money.In America the whole goal of existence is to become rich, not further your fruit as a person. Americans are also very aware of what other people think of them and often wonder how they are viewed. There are problems with the way tender structure is set up in the United States. People are more concerned with moving up in social status than helping out people that need help. Being a true American isnt all bad at all. There is a great deal of American heroes that have done wonderful feats not just for the country but for the whole world. The idea of spreading democracy around the world was wonderful idea.I dont agree with the way it was spread, but it needful to be done. Americans have many bad qualities but they also have many good qualities. It is hard to become a true American and figure out if those traits are something you posses. If people dont people have to dig enigmatical down and over come many things in life. People have to become a hero, people have to amour to there country if they want be a true patriot. A roach of people have had wonderful lives being true Americans, some not so much. True American are in many places in the United States and will continue to turn up because this is America.

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