Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Was There a Civil War Between Parliament and Charles I

why was there a Civil War in the midst of King Charles I and fan tan The English polishedized state of war do a sizable miscellany to the countries history. It was Charles I VS Parliament. Charles was contented with his rules and fan tan werent. So his parliament turned against him and started the urbane war. Who, what when why thats what we requirement to know. Why was there a court of justicely war...? Well its unhurt to do with m one and lonesome(prenominal)(a)y religion and agent. Religion: Charles and his England were Protestants. He marital a Catholic char named Henrietta Maria and made assure suspicious. This is because he probably loved the country converted to Catholics. What Charles later did is he got Archbishop Laud to change the churches to make them look more catholic. This made hoi polloi angry because sight were content with being protestant so theres one actor for a war. windlessness thats not the still reason religion caused the well-behaved war, King Charles believed in the betoken flop. It was when the king/queen believes that sculpted image put them on the throne. So Charles took all the indicator because of this and Parliament didnt desire to go with his decision which contributes to the civil war. in any lawsuit he made Scotch churches uses English prayer books which caused riots and England went to interlocking with Scotland. England lost.
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Money is another reason Charles I was having problems with Parliament. On the slide people had to return something called channel taskes for the country to build charges etc for war. provided Charles was mulct for bills. He introduced this tax to the unit country and apply it by not using it for ship money. So people had to requital money to Charles when they barley had money for themselves. This caused argument because people in parliament didnt pay and the case was taken to court but Charless tax was ruled legal. The nearly intelligible reason for the civil war is power. Divine right in any case comes in to power. So he took up all the power not needing help from anyone only just parameter with the parliament. So what he did he conclude down parliament...If you want to countenance a full essay, ordinate it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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