Thursday, June 20, 2019

Outline (for public space) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Outline (for public space) - Assignment ExampleProperly lit pathways and proper security system can castrate the problem of sexual harassment which is the core of all problems for women outdoors. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations in New Delhi, after every 29 minutes a rape case is reported ( UN, 2010).Hypothesis If these unattended security issues persist in the public space for Indian women, how does Indian brass expect the better half of its nation to behave after this ignorance in an appropriate manner? Are the fundamental rights been given to twain genders in the plead? If yes, why does the survey show that half of the population is threatened by the pathways, especially in the evening? The amendments need to be apportionn for this ignorance, as it encourages the outlaws to take advantage and feel comfortable to do what they desire with the public around. The awareness of civic rights by the Unifem department seems like a potential step towards ameliorat ion in New Delhi (Unifem). According to The New York Times (Asia Pacific), 489 rape cases were reported and countless unreported cases of street harassment (Ninaljana, 2011).Thesis statement Unavailability of primary facilities like lights, buses, security guards and maintenance of pathways is the arising problem which can later lead to major dilemmas for the country to deal with.It mainly consisted of the public survey conducted by Women and claw development department, as these problems can only be defined well by people who face them on daily basis. The women in New Delhi, both working and students, participated in the surveys which lead to a better understanding of the problem.Global Safe Cities Free of Violence for Women and Girls SNAPSHOT of the CITIES. (chap. New Delhi) Retrieved 1. 25, 2012, from

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